If you are playing the Mobile Legends then you introduce the importance of powerful heroes. The heroes are the characters those controlled by the players in the battle. In the beginning, a set of heroes is provided by the game completely free. With the help of these heroes, players can start their journey in the game. When the players reach the higher levels at that time they need to take help from more powerful heroes. These heroes can be unlocked by using Mobile Legends Hack and have a good amount of the currency. The following information is related to the heroes those are provided the game in the beginning.

Aspects related to Layla

The Layla is the first character which is unlocked in the beginning. It is provided by the game for free of cost. Due to it, players are not required to spend a single penny to use it. The category class of Layla is the marksman. It makes the Layla a range hero and this particular ability is highly beneficial in destroying the turrets and minions.

The destruction rush is one of its skills. By using it, players can deal lots of damage to the opponents and eliminate them. If you want to play effectively then you should consider the way of following tips –

  • The players should take help from the recommended accessory. These things are providing proper protection or defence to it.
  • The players can use the kiting attack with it. For it, players need to attack the opponent and use a spell. After that, the players should move the hero in backward or forward direction and opt the way of attack again.

Thing to know about Fanny

If you want to fight battles from a short distance then fanny is a good option. It is categorized under the assassin group. The offensive or attacking side of the Fanny is better. The basic attack of this particular hero is so effective. With her attacks, the opponent faces lots of damage or issues. By it, the rate of damage is increased with the 20%. Following are the beneficial tips for the Fanny.

  • The players should not choose if you are playing the first time. The reason behind this particular one is that it is squishy.
  • With its use, the players should wait on the wings or in the bushes. By it, the Fanny is a good option to provide assistance properly to the marksman category heroes.