My Cafe: Recipes and Stories – An Ultimate Guide to Know!


Well, if you are looking for the best casual based game, then here comes a top-class game produced by Melsoft. The name of the game is My Cafe: Recipes and Stories, and it is for both IOS & Android platforms. The game about which you are talking here totally depends on the restaurant based tasks and activities.

One major thing which all users of My Cafe: Recipes and Stories must know is that they are independent to make use of hacks or cheats. Yes, it is right in the same game you are free to use hacks or cheats to get all your required things easily.

More about hacks and cheats in My Cafe: Recipes and Stories

There are numerous cheats present for all the essential items in the game. If players want a particular thing in My Cafe: Recipes and Stories, then they simply have to make use of particular cheat which is created for the same thing. By doing the same thing or by applying the appropriate cheat only they get the same thing.

In-game Currency

The currency in the game is present in two basic forms. The first one is coins, and the second type of currency is in the form of diamonds. Both of them are used for buying everything in My Cafe: Recipes and Stories such all essential recipes, rewards, and many more things as well. Therefore, it is crucial for the users to earn currency in a good amount by using fair methods or by using my cafe cheats.